Wretched TV did a wonderful series on confronting spoiled, mis-educated college brats the Gospel. Their responses were so resoundingly ignorant, cliched, and locked into a worldview that they did not even though they have, it’s annoying.

Now, I used to be one of them. But I knew very little about the Scripture, so if I were there, I would have not responded with “Jesus really taught peace and love, He was John Lennon with a longer beard.” In fact, the little that I knew was that you didn’t want to mess with the God of the Bible, He demanded the lives of the first born and sent unbelievers to hell.

Somehow, I never presumed to teach people that actually knew what Jesus taught that Christ was not God, but rather a 21st century liberal with 21st century sensibilities.

My heart seethed with hatred against God in my natural state, so I know what I would have responded: “All that crap you’re preaching, who cares, you can’t prove that it is true.”

Essentially, the best thing God ever did was put me through an epistemological crisis. When I realized that materialism was a void philosophy and I felt the calling of the Spirit to find Him in the Scriptures, God broke my chains.

This is how education is horrible: First, these kids don’t know history or what the Bible says, yet they have been taught to be arrogant and think that they actually do as they make it all up as they go along. Second, they don’t even know what materialism is, let alone that they have a materialist worldview.

Maybe we would get some better answers to the above videos if education actually covered what “epistemology” even is.