A quick thought on the whole LA Clippers controversy.


Imagine someone recorded all of your private conversations with others, heck your thoughts. Every bad and nasty thing you ever conceived. Don’t you think that your punishment should be worse than losing a basketball team? How about whom you were wronging? You were defying an all-powerful, omni-benevolent God. The most innocent, greatest of all possible beings, in Whom there is no unrighteousness at all.


What do you deserve? Eternal damnation.


Yet, He will take your punishment and if you have faith in Him, you will be righteous in Him for all of eternity and enjoy eternal life. Yes, even eternal life, though you deserve damnation for all of your horrible thoughts and deeds.


The punishment is worse than losing a basketball team. The mercy is greater than anything Donald Sterling will experience in this world. Thanks be to God.