In all honesty, I think homosexuality is an absolute abomination and offensive in the eyes of God. Christian “conservatives” that deplore homosexuality oppose states where people that identify themselves as homosexuals can marry. They think that states should enforce codes of morality when it pertains to marriage, even though Christians are paranoid that the same government that can ban people from doing homosexual acts can ban the teaching of Christian ideas as “hate speech.” After all, being that governments are constituted by sinful people like me, my presumption is that the exercise of force is more likely to be used for evil than for good.

That being said, I wonder if Christians actually think out what others things the government should ban if they ban homosexual marriage. Here is my list:

1. Divorce. Ironically, this actually used to be against the law without cause (i.e. adultery) in many states. Now, there is a whole “divorced Christian” subculture. Ironically, there is also a “homosexual Christian” subculture as well. Neither are Christian and both are satanic.

2. Fornication. I know there used to be anti-sodomy laws on the books as little as a decade ago, so if you can ban homosexuals from even having sex with the force of law, shouldn’t we ban unmarried heterosexuals from having intercourse as well?

3. Pornography. This is a whole industry that feeds itself off of desperate drug addicts manipulated into prostitution with cameras involved. Anyone who takes part in this not only commits adultery in his/her heart, but plays an active role in destroying human lives.

4. Provocative dressing. The Bible contains explicit teachings on not causing weaker brothers in Christ to sin (1 Corinthians 8:13) and warnings against immodest attire and adornment (1 Peter 3:3-4, 1 Tim 2:9-10). What I want to know is how do Christians edify other Christians by dressing provocatively? Would my life be incomplete if I didn’t see how that $2,000 dollar watch made you look more distinguished or how those green earrings would accent your green eyes?

These are minor, unimportant examples, but therein lies my point. Christians patently ignore these Scriptures as I have walked into church seeing jeans with holes in the back (and no underwear), exposed legs, one-hour hair styles and the like. I don’t know about other men, but I find these difficult to look at without feeling tempted and the last woman in the world that should be tempting me is a Christian woman who is not my wife.

We have become such a gutless, man-hating society, men are blamed for doing what is natural (and what is natural is rooted in one’s old sin nature, a man’s new nature will resist such temptation) and the women who provoke them share no blame. You see, at some level both men and women are equally to blame. Both have desires that are flamed by demonic temptation (the man’s is of a sexual nature, the woman’s is out of pride in how she wants her self-image to be conveyed). Therefore, the man commits evil by looking and lusting, and the woman commits evil by on some level, no matter how much self-deceit goes into denying this, wanting this to occur.

The result in ignoring this obvious truth as it pertains to adornment is that we have raised up a double standard that empowers women to sin at the expense and disempowerment of men, which likewise causes them to sin. It is a lose-lose situation.

Obviously, the Christian response to this whole situation is to bear one another’s burdens. So, men must resist temptation and come to grips with what they are seeing is wrong, and as God’s appointed spiritual leaders, put an end to this through teaching and church discipline if necessary. Women must make a sacrifice in their wardrobe. Yes, in both men and women in this situation are sinful desires to look and dress in ways not pleasing to God, but as Paul says, “What fellowship does light have with darkness” (2 Cor 6:14)? Christians should not purposely associate with the darkness and make it easier to be tempted and sin. We should be doing the opposite.

So, to make this Christian teaching the law of the land, we can have the fashion-police like they do in Iran fining people for immodest dress.


Don’t want the heavy-handed instruments of the government to impose the moral norms in the preceding? Well, maybe you should reconsider government’s role in regulating marriage. Chances are, you are offending God with one of the preceding and the log in your own eye has prevented you from seeing it.