There have been a few instances hitting the news of Christian bakers being punished for not making a wedding cake for a gay couple that’s getting married. The most recent one in Colorado is just another crazy example where the cake maker is now required to submit reports to the state’s civil rights commission and undergo sensitivity training.

According to the Christian Post, “No artist should be forced to express beliefs contrary to his own views in his own art. Though Phillips uses flour and sugar instead of watercolors or pastels, his type of art is still art, and inextricably linked to his identity. Phillips does not wish to contribute to a same-sex wedding ceremony with his artistry because of his religious conviction that the institution of marriage ought to be reserved for one man and one woman.”

Now, I understand the outrage. The government has no business telling you how to think, who to have in your house, and who you can do business with. However, we as a society have long ago have made anti-discrimination laws like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, so it should be no surprise that the government is now in the business to tell you how to think.

“Well, so what?,” most say. “Racism is evil and I’m not a racist it will never effect me. It should be illegal!”

It’s is probably the same mindset of a lot of Christians who want to illegalize gay marriage. “I’m not gay and homosexual unions are an abomination,” they might think. “It should be illegal!”

Well, guess what? The government that you want to empower to punish people who think in ways you don’t like is now coming after you.

There has to be a point where we have to realize that as a society, there is a difference between the government not cutting you a social security check or drafting you into the military because of how you look or live, and a private establishment not wanting to do business with you. Let me tell you, there are cheapo New York Italians that try to hustle me at the repair shop I work at to get work done at prices that are not profitable. In a polite way, I schedule them at inopportune times and other things so they bring their business elsewhere. Point is, if I don’t want to serve them, I should not have to.

Quite frankly, it is the government that should not be empowered to discriminate, because the government actually has the power to punish unlike private individuals (where private acts of aggression are already illegal anyhow.)

Let’s put politics aside and get back to religion. I think that in some ways, God is punishing self-righteous Christians with a government that is now going to do everything against them that they wanted it to do against those they do not like. It’s going to get worse than cakes.

The cake maker was probably being arrogant. He could of got out of that situation without sacrificing his values, but instead he sought to make a statement of his own. If it were me, I would just quote the couple some outrageous price for the cake and if they actually said yes, I would just take my sweet time on it. Call it “non-violent resistance.” Yes, they will punish you with a horrible Google review if you actually had to go through with it, but it would be better than this. Most likely, they would not agree to the outrageous price, and let’s be honest talking about Wedding Cakes, they are not set prices. The baker could of dreamed up practically any number he liked.

Christians need to use these opportunities to preach the Gospel to their enemies, not treat their enemies like enemies. Preach the Gospel to the man buying the cake. Preach the Gospel to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Preach the Gospel to those who want to legalize evil things like gay marriage. Stick by your beliefs, but don’t hate the people. Apart from the grace of God, you would be them, and while they may enjoy their political victories now it will mean nothing during an eternity in Hell.


I apologize that I am so behind the 8-Ball responding to news. Not having cable TV and working six days a week will do that.