Pastor Danny Cortez, here pictured with his wife, has forsook the gospel to worship the idols of tolerance and children.

Danny Cortez joins the list of preachers who forsake Christ so they may justify man’s ways over God’s.

When you know how profound of a sinner you are, you can hate yourself to the point that you want to cry. You see no way out and know full well that only the mercy of God can save you, because you can never repay God for the sins you have committed. Yet, when his own son came out of the closet, now all of the sudden the sin that he preached for years would send others to hell could not possibly send his son to hell! He, in effect, issued a blanket indulgence to all homosexuals so he can save his own son.

He worships his son more than God’s Son, but more on that in a bit.

Guilt is important and we should not be so quick to try to make people not feel bad about it. Somewhere, deep down, there is always a guilt about something. A life we should have lived, better decisions we should have made, really bad and destructive behaviors in which we destroy ourselves and others, and other feelings of guilt and sorrow which in effect convict us of our own sin. We may lie to ourselves that it’s not that big a deal, but “against You and You alone” we have sinned (Psalm 51:4). Guilt helps us realize we have sinned against a holy God, that He demands justice, that we fall short and are without excuse, and that none of us are righteous. Take away guilt and you gut the Gospel.

Danny Cortez’s heresy in his own words (around 21:50) is that “out of all of God’s commandments why is this the one that seems different from all the other commandments that seem to impart life? This one seems to make so much self-hatred, to make people feel like they are in prison, sentencing them to life with no chance to love.”

Hence, he tells his congregation not to listen to the guilt which is God’s way of letting us know we are doing something wrong against Him!

This is when good theology is important. First, the Law does not impart life, it imparts death (see Romans 7, Galatians 3). What on Earth is he even talking about, that so many of God’s commands lead us onto life if we do them? That’s righteousness from works and clearly wrong, we are perpetually in God’s debt because of our sin. Jesus Christ and not giving into sin is our way out and experience of real love.

Second, the “chance to love” is not the point of life. Even when we pray, the point of everything is that “the Father may be glorified in the Son” (John 14:13), for God’s own glory is the point of everything. We are not to forsake God so that we can have a chance to love a mere mortal or even love our own children who believe in such nonsense.

And that’s what it is, nonsense. I remember helping out in a youth group and being kicked out for the comment that “science does not bear out that homosexuality is innate.” The youth group leader’s son was gay. She said she was “forced” to confront her long held spiritual beliefs and the fact that they would condemn her son to hell. So, of course, she chose her own son and not what the Scripture taught.

In the real world, people choose idols over God just like that every day.

What seems to be lost in this whole debate is the nature of idolatry. If my job, my wife, my lifestyle, my children, anything I have, if any of these things impede me from dying onto myself, taking my cross and following Christ, then they are idols. Idols compete for our affection for God, seeking to replace Him, and when Satan is successful he encourages us to turn our backs on God so that we may delight in our idolatry. Let’s not justify our sin so that we can put our children, ideals of tolerance, sexual desire, or any other idol in the way of emptying ourselves like Christ did on the cross and following Him.

It’s not out of love we resist God’s commandments, as Cortez postulates. It is out of our desire to sin. Those who cling to their children, their ideals of tolerance, or their immoderate affections are no different than the rich young ruler who clung to his money instead of forsaking it and following Christ. It was hard for him to part with his money, because he loved his possessions and not Christ. And so, Danny Cortez’s son obviously loves his affections, his boyfriend, or whatever else–but definitely not Christ.

This is why Cortez has replaced God with the idol of homosexuality, which is a euphemism for a lifestyle of sodomy. He asserts that the romantic love available to those who partake in this lifestyle is somehow preferable to forsaking one’s sin and coming to Christ. Perish the thought!

I don’t care what the sin is, or how much less bad it is than others. Anything that gets in our way from following Christ must be cut off, for it is better to tear an eye out than have two burning in hellfire.

The teaching of tolerance or even the loving of one’s own son, if it leads us to forsake God and not seek His mercy through His Son is evil.

But Father, look at our own sin! Our careers, our friendships, our desires, our seemingly innocent idols. We don’t love you as we ought and apart from Your grace we are no different than anyone else. Make us aware of this and bless the Church with good teachers that turn our eyes to Your holiness and mercifulness, that we may seek forgiveness and joy in Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.