Here’s an attempt of mine at simplistic poetry pertaining to Christ’s love for the Church. The setting is a couple in the middle of an argument:


It has been days, but no matter what he does she wants to stay away;

He prays for her in the morning, rubs her back to start the day;

But, no matter what he does she wants him to stay away.


She ignores his overtures, she turns with nothing to say;

She slowly exercises, and does not break a sweat;

He cleans the dishes and gets the house all set;

He says “God bless,” she mumbles back the same;

But what she meant to say, I just want you to stay away.


They both go off to do their work, both husband and wife;

He thinks about her, but she only tries to forget;

A text, a call, she doesn’t want to respond;

If it were not a sin, she would rather abscond;

But she does not like the way she’s loved and does not want to fret;

It does not seem like it can ever be fixed, this life;

She prays all day, for now just let him stay away.


The evening comes, he knows she is holding back rage;

She takes as long as possible to get home, she just can’t forgive;

This is not the sort of husband she wants, why rush back to where she lives?

He makes dinner, but he is tired and not the same;

As the Christ we reject and repeatedly tell to stay away.


How can he be like Christ? If he married Gomer he would send her away;

By the Spirit he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him to say;

I’ll keep pursuing you as my Lord who’s promises, “From you, I’ll never stay away.”