At work they are killing me with country music. Usually, the DJ just mentions contests or local affiliated bars. This time, the DJ responded to a rumor that Taylor Swift is cohabiting with a 17-year old girl, presumably in a lesbian relationship. The DJ, after giving the background to this odd relationship said with pride something to the effect of, “I just love Taylor Swift and everything that she does.”

I am sick of this pride in homosexuality, like you’re “stickin’ it to the ‘man'” if you are homosexual or support a “homosexual agenda.” What is a homosexual agenda anyway? Is there are “foot fetish agenda” or “liar’s agenda” or any other personality trait agenda? Homosexuals aren’t people for Pete’s sake, they don’t have agendas! There are people who commit homosexual acts, but they are not in their essence homosexuals! They’re just people.

Furthermore, I came across an article this morning when I was trying to find out if the Yankees played last night. Apparently, the Yankees GM Brian Cashman had a meeting with “the nation’s oldest LBGTHQFIO&1! [misspelling is intentional] youth group.” There were perhaps 5 or 6 people in there early 20s in the picture, one of the people interviewed was 20 years old. At 20 years old, I would hope one is an adult in not an “at-risk youth” or whatever that is.

The reason I bring up any of this stuff is because, quite frankly, I find it weird. It is not particularly worse than anything else we see on a daily basis. In fact, it is much better than tons of other activities society smiles upon, such as stealing and lying for a living. However, the part that strikes me how not that long ago all of these things would have been considered weird or not newsworthy.

Society continues to deteriorate and the new normal is not the old normal, in fact it is abnormal. However, as Augustine warned long ago, the time will come where sin is so normal in a society, it will be seen as virtue. We are definitely there, but we were always there. Whatever is not of faith is sin and the whole world is in the hands of Satan. So, whatever the world considers normal is always sin, because the world hates the light and loves darkness.

May God have mercy on us all.