According to self-described “liberals,” deporting children that are illegal immigrants is hateful.

A parent that abandons a child is beyond despicable. Even bad parents do not abandon their children. Pagans won’t. There is simply no excuse for it.

Now, I want to avoid getting overtly political in this blog, especially if it has no bearing on matters of theology, so please do not take the following as a “Red team” versus “Blue team” argument. It is not.

Further, I have not followed this issue very carefully, so I do not pretend to be anything close to an expert on it.

There apparently is some sort of upsurge, whether in media attention or in reality, in illegal immigrant minors. Now, there are many reasons for this. Many are teenage girls brought to the US as part of sex trafficking. Others have relatives or friends of relatives in the US and if they end up getting Green Cards, they can sponsor their parents over. In certain border towns, it has been a common practice for decades in order to get access to US public education.

Whatever the reason is, the indignation of typical “liberals” and “conservatives” is over the wrong issues. Conservatives just don’t want more immigrants. Refugees, people wanting a better life, people looking to go on public assistance…it does not matter. They just want them out unless they can hit homeruns or something.

Liberals like championing the cause of the “underdog.” Now, sometimes the underdog could be guilty of murder, but it does not matter. They “stick it to the man” by championing him or her.

So, the disgust over children among conservatives is something I find to be confusing being that we are talking about children. However, the preceding magazine cover from “The Week” in its July 25th issue is also disconcerting.

It shows a bunch of Mexican children, of varying age, jumping over a border fence. A teenaged girl, holding her younger sibling, has a look of desperation in her eyes. The message is obvious: “empathize with my plight!”

Here’s my question for the bleeding heart liberals: Where are the parents in all of this? America is not the answer to the problems of these children and it is arrogant to think so.

The Scripture teaches, “Better is a dish of vegetables where love is than a fattened ox served with hatred” (Prov 15:17). It is immoral to support the tearing apart of families for short-sighted, materialistic reasons because the “big white bogeyman” is oppressing people they would have never known, unless they illegally entered into the country to begin with.

The main thing that jumped out to me in my trip to Cambodia, aside from the idolatry, is how much more important is family than wealth. No one I was there with was wealthy. My Grandmother-in-Law cooks with wood and showers with a bucket. However, in many ways, she is much wealthier then western elderly people who are abandoned in old-folks homes, sitting in a pool of their own urine.

There is a great dignity and wealth in bearing one another’s burdens, and living together the way God has intended since the beginning of time. To me it is close-minded and arrogant to think being in America is so much better than a childhood without one’s parents (which is one I essentially had, by the way).

Unless one is escaping a genocide or famine, it should be patently obvious that the place where the kids belong is with their families. A policy that encourages otherwise merely results in more broken homes and an increase in the amount of children that grow into anti-social adults (whether many of them learn to milk the system, become criminals, teenage mothers, or whatever is immaterial).

A government’s policies will always have flaws, so I cannot tell you I know what policy will “fix” this whole situation. But, I’ll tell you this: Children belong with their parents and if those kids should be going anywhere, it should be back across the border to be reunited with their families.