Will Red State Christians finally give up the fight for the theocracy? In NY, I just heard the radio station K105.5 Kicks FM (whose truck we actually have in the shop now) announce that Connecticut just legalized medical marijuana. This was probably in the news for months now, but because I do not watch TV, I just found out now.

As Christians hit the voting booths in Republican Primaries worried about issues like gay marriage and Zionism, they appear oblivious to the fact that the tide of history is against them. Any hope of creating a theocracy with sodomy laws and prayer in schools is long gone.

We’d be lucky enough if we can use the force of law to not expose our children to enforced Muslim prayer in school. The religion of secularism already enjoys prominence due to the force of law. Just to get back to neutral ground where teachers can cover philosophy, theology, and science purely upon their merits and not political correctness would be nice.

When I was in college, I remember an Indian immigrant from Queens (originally from Kerala, a Christian region) who told me he was voting for Bush. I asked him why, being that his whole family voted for pro-handout Democrats. He said, “He hates the fags.”

Well, hating fags, sweet leaf, or secularism is so passe these days. Regular children’s TV shows have premarital sex and homosexual characters. Religion has lost any respectability in the schools and has been excised from curricula. People don’t understand why think think what we do. Quite frankly, the spread of Matthew Vines‘ view of theology within nominal Christianity shows “Christians” don’t even know either.

So, when you watch medical marijuana laws spread like a cancer across the country, don’t get mad. It is merely a symptom of God withdrawing His grace and the wane of Christianity. Yelling does not make Christianity come back. Only God, by His Spirit, can convert new believers. If we are to have revival, it is purely in God’s hands.

May more and more Americans come to know that they are dead in their sins, that they do not honor God, and the wages of sin is death. There is only one way out and it is trusting in Christ’s death and resurrection. No good works, no karma, no nothing. It is all Christ. Christ makes the believer by His Spirit and Christ makes the believer righteous. We, as always, add nothing to the equation.