Work is less than ideal. Among the curses God has for mankind in Gen 3 in response to their sin, it is that they will only earn bread by the sweat of their brow.

No job looks like this, yet for some reason we all like to pretend that it does.

I have had a few jobs I really hate and I remember outside of a church one day the issue of work came up. “We will have jobs in heaven,” one said. Not thinking about the ramifications of what a job would be apart from the parts cursed by sin, I simply said, “Gee, I hope not.”

Perhaps there is work in heaven and it will only consist of the satisfying parts of work. The feeling of satisfaction when a job is done, the sense of purpose, the good feeling you get when you help someone…maybe. I actually doubt this, I believe heaven will be more spiritual and we will be praising God endlessly, which does not leave time for work. But however God wants it, then it is for the best.

All I know is that in my present, sinful flesh there would be no ability to actually enjoy heaven. I would get bored of the work and the praising. God promises that we will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. I pray for this.

Recently in my life the issue of honesty has come up. I have found relatively minor things I have been dishonest about (i.e. intentionally putting the wrong address of a credit car application to help a friend out.) Interestingly enough, I awoke with pain one night, because of where my cats were sitting on me, and God made clear to me two things I was being dishonest about. By His grace I repented.

Yet, at work I have seen the lack of honesty of others. Particularly, one revolves around a situation where a technician grabbed the keys to the wrong car and performed work on it that would have cost $500. Because it was the wrong car, the customer did not have to pay anything and we had to move on and work on the right one. So, the shop loses money.

Now, the truth is a rather cut and dry situation. I told the technician to work on the right car, the technician saw two Volkswagen keys and in a momentary mental lapse grab the wrong identical looking Volkswagen, and no one figured it out until the car was back on the ground.

However, mankind in his sin thinks the truth is too simple and prefers to live in darkness. So, another technician for whatever personal reasons decides to tell our boss that he made me aware that the wrong car was being worked on. I supposedly ignored what he said and let the work be finished on the wrong car.

In all honestly, I do not even find that technician’s lie to be a good one. For example, for what he said to be true, a discerning boss would realize that he knew something wrong was happening and when it was ignored, did not immediately go to his superior to rectify the situation. He is essentially admitting to his own incompetence. So, even the lie itself is bad and only in a crazy workplace does something obvious like this go unnoticed.

However that is the situation I find myself in. I don’t particularly have any answers. Here is the best I know. We pray to God for deliverance. We have confidence that he works all things for good, even situations where we have been blatantly wronged. Even if, ultimately for the wrong reasons, we lose our job over it.

Lastly, we need to not return a curse with a curse, but rather with a blessing. So this means continuing to do ones job, to tell the truth, and leave to God the consequences. God, not our specific vocations, is our provider. He knows what he needs. If He provides for the animals, He will surely provide for His redeemed people.