All aboard the Ligonier Ministries study cruise!

I was listening to renewing your mind this morning and R.C. Sproul was advertising the “study cruise” Ligonier Ministries is holding to coincide with their 2015 national conference. To paraphrase the conversation, Lee Webb was saying how sad it is that we live in a day and age where persecutions against the church are increasing. Because of ISIS, North Korea, and what not this is a very true point.

The R.C. Sproul essentially seconded Webb and said that this would be one of many topics that will be discussed on the study cruise. Then, they started talking about how great the cruise would be.

Does this strike anyone as a little odd? We get to go sit on a boat, eat until we are fat, climb the climbing wall, and then feel like we care about persecution.

I don’t fault Ligonier Ministries. I fault myself, in my comfortable condo. No one is looking to kill me. My job is decent, I own cars, and always have food. I enjoy my comfortable life, to the point, I do not even fully appreciate how much of an idol it has become to me.

But woe to you who are rich, for you are receiving your comfort in full (Luke 6:24).

May God constantly show us how to die onto ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Christ.