I have been spending time trying to preach the Gospel to whichever Jehovah’s Witnesses come my way. Though this is no surprise to many Christians, from getting to know members of this religion personally and their doctrines, they are definitely in error.

Sadly, the organization is not built around honest misunderstandings, but deliberate distortions of the truth. In the video, he makes reference to the incorrect historical dates the organization uses to substantiate the prophecies that supposedly point to the ascendancy of their organization. I have personally spent a decent amount of time cross referencing their New World Translation with an English translation of the Textus Receptus. The translation purposely introduces words that are not in the original Greek, turns nouns into adjectives, add indefinite articles and removes definite articles, and other purposeful manipulation of the Biblical text which comes into conflict with their teachings. This, to me, is the most obvious proof that their teachings are in error.

I have come to the conclusion that not only is their faith thoroughly wrong, but they do not believe they are really saved by their faith. Faith requires works to be good enough, which is not entirely false, because faith without works is dead. However, works is the evidence of our salvation, not the basis, which is grace.

My heart goes out to those in this organization, many of which want to please God but are in their flesh. The flesh ultimately wants to get to God on its own. However, the natural man cannot come to God apart from grace, so we are saved totally by the works of God and not ourselves. God makes us righteous by our trusting in Him. God makes us able to trust in Him. We have no grounds to boast in anything as even faith is the gift of God.

Hopefully, more Christians take the time to speak to JWs, tell them the good news, and by God’s grace they come to the knowledge of the truth.