This is not much of a story, but I give praise to God for superintending the course of events.

So, I was going to go out for a run on Sunday morning and let my wife sleep in. I noticed that there was a dusting of snow on the ground. The meteorologists are predicting rain for Christmas, so I figured this may be our only chance to go on a quasi-“Christmasy” walk. I woke my wife and told her the idea and to my surprise she sprung into action.

We drove into town, and the lights were off down the main drag and there was no snow. It seemed like a waste of a ride. I wanted to turn around, but my wife insisted that we see the nativity scene at the Catholic Church “to see if baby Jesus is out.” I said that the representation of Jesus is never out until Christmas, but we walked there anyway.

My wife posed in front of it and I took a picture on a smartphone. Then, a woman started walking up to us. I figured she would tell us to leave for trespassing. However, the woman turned out to be very nice.

Sadly, I don’t have photographic memory of the conversation that transpired next. From what I can remember, I believe she asked us if we knew what the nativity scene was all about. We made some small talk about how Christmas has been commercialized and how back in Poland (where she was from) they don’t even give gifts on Christmas.

I then said how Satan will use any tactic necessary to keep our eyes off of Jesus Christ. We think of giving gifts, but not that Christ came into the world to bear all of our sins on the cross.

I then said something along the lines of, “We have a holy God and His Law demands, ‘You must be blameless before the Lord your God’ (Deut 18:13). I know I am not blameless! Yet, His standards are perfect and He is right to damn us to Hell for our sin against Him.

“I am overwhelmed when I think of the forgiveness of sins available to us in Jesus Christ, who did live a blameless life and who has taken upon Himself the full penalty for our sins. We are righteous, because He was righteous.

“The people who you were talking about that are licentious are dead in their sins, because they do not live blameless lives, and that is God’s standard. Yet, we don’t want to be like the Pharisees either, because we cannot earn our salvation unless we have lived perfectly like Christ did. However, we cannot, so we can never be righteous enough. This is why we must place all our trust and faith not on what we do, but what Christ has done for us.”

She was very receptive to the message and in fact said that I “should teach the young people.” However, I am just thankful that someone heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Perhaps she was already saved, perhaps God will use these words to save her, or perhaps this adds to her condemnation if she listened but could not really spiritually hear what I said. No matter the outcome, God’s will is done to the praise of His glory.