If you listen to what society tells you, we need to be more accepting of “transgenderism.” This is supposedly so true and “scientifically” proven, that society finds it compelling to take taxpayer money and pay for pseduo-gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment that messes with your brains.

Being that I do not hate people that identify themselves with the terms “transgender” or “gay,” I think it is important to warn them that you need to be careful what you wish for.

If transgenderism is so real, and the modern “medical’ treatments are so good (and you are evil if you are like me and think they are barbaric and cruel), explain to me the following (the higher the percentage, the higher the suicide risk):

Table 6: Lifetime suicide attempts by perceived recognition by others Have Attempted Suicide

People can tell I’m transgender/GNC Frequency:

Always 42%

Most of the time 45%

Sometimes 41%

Occasionally 41%

Never 36%

Table 8: Lifetime suicide attempts by disclosure of transgender/gender non-conforming status

I tell people that I’m transgender/GNC Have Attempted Suicide Frequency

Never 33%

Tell people who are close friends 40%

Tell people who are casual friends 41%

Tell work colleagues 40%

Tell family 41%

Tell everyone 50%

What does the preceding teach us? If you want to decrease your risk of suicide, for the love of God, do not buy into the Satanic lie and pursue “transitioning.” The more transitioned looking you are too others, and the more that know you are transitioned, the more suicidal statistically you will be.

Being that “transgenderism” is a spectrum, not everyone who identifies themselves as transgender has had surgery, hormone treatments, or even cross dresses. So, the study does not tell us this, but I think it would be safe to say the more drastic outward changes the individual has made to look like a different gender, the more likely that person appears to others as transgendered (i.e. Table 6) and has told others he/she is transgendered (i.e. Table 8.)

Now, why do supposed compassionate “allies” of LBGTQ people support enabling them to partake in an activity that increases their risk of killing themselves? They are deceived by the devil, who is the Father of Lies. The devil has no interest in your happiness, he just wants you to be miserable like him. He loves nothing more than to drag you to hell because misery loves company.

There is victory over transgenderism, homosexuality, sex addiction, and all other lies through Jesus Christ, our Lord. It does not turn off like a light switch. It takes a lot of effort, even years. It takes years of prayer. Only God can save you from yourself. You must seek Him to truly know the truth and live forever.