Time to pack it in and stop pretending we’re a civilization. James White, a Reformed Baptist, went onto the Dr. Drew show on Headline News to speak against Bruce Jenner’s sex change. He only addressed one point, one that if it was addressed would actually create a dialogue.

“What we have here is a fundamental clash of worldviews,” said James White. “What if Jesus was right when He said, ‘Have you not read from the beginning that God made them male and female?’ This is a worldview issue and it relies upon what authority we have. I’m not sure who you a referring to, but the Jesus I’m referring to rose from the dead, I think that gives Him a little extra authority to address this particular issue.”

The responses to James White can be summarized as follows:

-“God creating perfection is a fallacious argument.” (Who said what James White says meant that God created everything perfect?)

-Tansexualism has predated Jesus, so presumably Jesus was wrong when He said God made something a certain way. (How this logic works I am not sure, but that’s what was said.)

-Angry groan. (I’m not sure how this actually makes a point, it is sort of like the disappointed groan made when a child does something stupid, so I suppose it was more of an insult than anything.)

-“I’m not sure this is a societal issue, this a Caitlyn [Bruce] Jenner issue.”

-“With your body you can do whatever.”

Herein lies the problem. If we as a society decide that we can do whatever we want with our bodies, then we have to accept assisted suicides and now purposeful amputations. Yes, there are people who identify themselves as “transabled” and want their bodies modified so that they are purposefully disabled.

“Oh, that’s just craziness,” you say. So is pumping one’s body full of hormones and cutting off genitalia.  Transexualism is not a civil rights issue. It’s a mental illness. Just like a schizophrenic really hears voices in his head, a transexual really believes he’s a different gender. However, this all belongs within the realm of a dysfunctional mind. It’s time we call it like we see it.

And, if you think I am a bigot, go hop on the transabled bandwagon while you are at it. Go help these transabled people write out their paper work to Disability now that they can’t work, because they chopped their own hands off.

If we cannot see this all as complete and udder insanity, then anything goes. Child rape, marrying dogs, eating Styrofoam…These are all life choices, not manifestations of profound mental problems.

The world hates God, and they will more quickly side with transparent insanity than admit the obvious: God made them both male and female.