The death knell of the religious right is heard around the world: the Supreme Court of the United States in Roe versus Wade style has invented the right for homosexuals to marry totally out of thin air.

Obviously many Christians view it as bad, simply because they do not like homosexuality seemingly more than a plethora of other sins which are totally legal to commit. However, if we calmly think about it, what are the actual pros and cons of what just occurred?


1. Religious Right Can Now Focus on More Important Issues

The Supreme Court decision could have not come at a more opportune time if you were running for the Republican nomination for the Presidency. Opposing gay rights (or the rights of anyone for that matter) is a losing issue for a generation of people that do not have real civil rights issues to worry about. Everyone wants to be a hero, and championing gay rights has become heroic.

This is no exaggeration. Children clap when they see gay people get married. I don’t see people clap when they see heterosexuals marry on video. So, gay marriage has obviously become some sort of “stand against the man,” and you’re not with the “man,” are you?

So, imagine a bunch of Republicans running for the Presidential nomination in Iowa. In the debates, they would be asked where they stand on gay marriage. Saying one is against it guarantees the Republican can never win the general election. Saying that he is for it guarantees he cannot win Iowa, and likely the Republican primary. Unbeknownst to many “conservatives,” the Supreme Court did them a huge favor and kept their chances in 2016 alive.

Unless Christians are going to fight tooth and nail to make fornication, adultery, and other sexual sins illegal, it was best to let the gay issue go so we can focus on illegalizing abortion. Why? For one, only 29 percent of Americans believe that abortion should be legal under ALL circumstances.

When Rand Paul asked the head of the Democratic Party “if it is okay to kill a seven pound baby in the uterus” it became a huge quagmire for them. Why? Because most Americans don’t believe in the extreme pro-choice/pro-infanticide position which presently Roe versus Wade makes the law of the land. Hence, we actually can start restricting infanticide without alienating the unsaved masses while we have no chance to reverse the tide of history as it pertains to homosexuality.

2. Defending the Rights of Gays Implicitly Protects the Rights of Christians

If us Christians can get off our moral high horses and simply just preach the Gospel, we will find that as we dwindle into obscurity that we may enjoy the legal protections enjoyed by oppressed minorities. Hence, if we cast ourselves as forgiving, loving, morally upright and sacrificial people who live by the knowledge that our Savior died for us, then when our rights are infringed upon we can decry that we are being oppressed in spite of us not hurting anyone.

The Scripture speaks of us having love for one another so that the world knows who we are, and that our good works would be so visible that they praise God on our behalf. Hence, when they see our goodness and desire to worship freely, and not jam our religion down their throats by force, they will let us be and we will no longer be their enemies. It is easier to preach the Gospel to someone that does not view you as his enemy to the death.

Further, the days are coming when our preaching certain parts of the Bible will be considered hate speech. Disciplining a child when he or she is a minor, refusing to let a young one date at a certain age or take part in sodomatic sins, will be considered child abuse. Guess what Christians. The same government you wanted empowered to arrest sodomites less than 15 years ago is now going to come after you.

Isn’t it better when the government is left powerless to punish people for living according to their beliefs? It may mean that homosexuals can marry, but it also means that Christians can practice their religion without the government infringing upon it. A sure-fire way to lose “the culture war” is to empower the government. The government is not the friend of Christianity, so get them out of the morality business and we protect ourselves from them.

3. Ultimately, Homosexual Marriage is an Issue of Religious Freedom

Piggy-backing off our second point is this one. Secularism, humanism, and atheism are all worldviews that you may disagree with, but Christianity is a worldview too. Unless we seriously want to impose an Iranian-styled theocracy, we should be happy that the religious freedom of atheists and secularists is being upheld. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, because I want my religious freedoms upheld to.


1. The Dreadful Jurisprudence Behind the Decision

This is a blog on religion, and not politics, so you can read up on the Fourteenth Amendment on your own. This amendment should be repealed from the Constitution simply because it is not consistently upheld. A state cannot make a newspaper illegal, because the congress is banned from doing so because of the first amendment. And, the fourteenth amendment guarantees in theory that state governments cannot inhibit freedoms that are guaranteed against Federal infringement. Obviously, the amendment was made after the Civil War to prevent the southern states from taking away federally guaranteed rights away from freed slaves.

However, the fourteenth amendment has been upheld extremely inconsistently. For most of its history, the rights of blacks were run roughshod over. Newspapers are legal everywhere, but public demonstrations are not. Guns can be regulated by states even though the second amendment explicitly bans that, yet abortion is legal due to implicit inferences drawn from the fourth amendment. The fourth amendment explicitly forbids searches and seizures even on one’s very person without a warrant, yet the Supreme Court upholds “stop and frisk” which would explicitly violate the fourth amendment.

So, while the right of Americans to pray in public, protest, own guns, and avoid being searched without warrants are all ignored even though a third grader can read the Amendments and see that these are clearly guaranteed, the rights of infant murders and homosexuals to their “privacy” somehow protects abortion and gay marriage. You don’t need to be a Constitutional scholar to see that the fourteenth amendment has nothing to do with gay marriage or abortion and everything to do with gun ownership and the right not to be searched without probable cause.

However, we live with this unhappy inconsistency, which means that the government can very easily and inconsistently oppress Christians and no one will bat and eyelash.

2. The Transexual Issue

Now that the gay issue is out of the way, all these people who made a living out of it will need something new to focus on. Most likely, it will be federal subsidies to pay for sex changes. This will go down as one of the most barbaric, completely wicked chapters in the history of US politics and medicine, up there with eugenics and electro-shock therapy for schizophrenics. While gay marriage in the end pertains to human rights, transexualism is the wholesale butchering and taking advantage of people who are either extremely mentally ill or innately disordered.

Once transexual surgeries are subsidized and the mutilation of this group of very depressed and abnormal people is celebrated, we are only steps away from legalizing polygamy and bestiality. We would have become a society without any moral or scientific grounding or sense. Worst of all, it hurts a group of people that need serious psychological help, not to be pumped up with synthetic hormones and have body parts chopped off.

3. Confusion for Young People Inside and Outside of Churches.

When the Supreme Court overturns something, it sends the message that what was overturned was bad. This means to many young people, if banning gay marriage is bad, then that means gay marriage in of itself is good. This makes books like “My Two Mommies” and “My First Sex Change” required reading in schools.

Sadly, kids do not need to see this stuff, nor think about it. I would venture to guess even entertaining the notion to them perverts their minds. Let children be children a little while longer, they will figure out how their plumbing works on their own, it’s instinct. They do not need the world to tell them.