Gays are born that way. Keep repeating the mantra. “Born that way.” If it rhymes, it has to be scientific fact, right?

As we have Supreme Court cases, school districts, and other arms of the government enforcing the orthodoxy that homosexuals are a “protected group” under the pretense that “gays are born that way,” society has just gone along with it. “Born that way, born that way,” they chirp.

There’s just a couple little details everyone seems to forget. One, scientists have not concluded that homosexuality is innate. “Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors,” says the American Psychological Association.

Second, they will never, ever find a link between any innate factors and homosexuality because historically, sexuality has been a social construct. Isn’t interesting that as we have seen the post-modernists debate that everything is a “social construct,” we better not lay that claim upon sexuality! Yet, sexuality as a social construct eminently makes sense. No one is born with a foot fetish. Genetics did not play a role in making the majority of ancient Greeks smile upon homosexuality and pederasty, especially when Greeks today are the exact opposite.

Being that the average westerner’s mind has been so deadened to common sense, the preceding might not register more than a, “huh?” Let me help you out with some current events. Eyewitness: US Army Encouraged Soldiers To Ignore Afghan Child Rape.// //

Apparently, it has been a hush-hush policy of the US army to force soldiers to look the other way from the widespread practice of raping young boys in Afghanistan. The fact that this is a policy attests to how widespread it is. For what it is worth, my sister’s husband is Pakistani and he grew up nearby. He has spoken of how widespread boy-rape is in the Pakistani countryside (for those people who do not know, Pakistan and Afghanistan are neighboring countries.) Further, I worked on a car of an War in Afghanistan veteran, and he said that boy-rape is widespread.

The rape of Afghan boys by Afghan men is something of an open secret. If there were more Afghans to actually make ethnic jokes about, it would elicit snide one-liners such as, “How do you separate the Afghan boys from the Afghan men? With a crowbar.”

All of this begs the question in all seriousness: are Afghan men just “born that way?” Obviously, they really like it that they do it, and they have gone as far as killing a US soldier to cover it up. Every generation of Afghan men for eons has been doing it. Is it in the Afghan genetics?

Well, the answer is obviously no! There is no scientific evidence that says if you take an Afghan boy, bring him up in the West, he will more likely grow up to be a pedophile. Furthermore, their society is obviously perverse. Look how they treat women, perform honor killing, and rape boys. Obviously, this is smoking gun proof that really strange social expectations can and do effect individual sexuality. So, the more widespread acceptance any sort of sexual strangeness gets in the society at large, the more you will see of it.

The reason these obvious facts grind the gears of all the “born that way” postmodernists is that it forces them to admit that they are either wrong, or that what is going on is a “coincidence.” Of course, statistical impossibilities have taken place in ancient Greece and modern-day Afghanistan! It’s all just a coincidence.

Think about it, in order for them to argue that gays are “born that way,” they would have to say Afghan pedophiles are “born that way” too. Being that they cannot, they are forced to concede the sexuality is affected, though not completely controlled, by environmental and not biological factors.

And, if this is the case, doesn’t this call into question telling children that think they are attracted to the same gender that this is normal? How would they know that the sexual inclinations are not the result of changeable, environmental factors? They wouldn’t! But let’s not talk that way, that’s hate speech even though it’s the truth!

Hopefully, events such as that in Afghanistan are dealt with appropriately. Furthermore, I pray, that our society can have a higher regard for truth and approach the topic of homosexuality in a more honest way. We cannot divorce ourselves from science and history, even if it makes some people feel good about themselves.