Not long ago we heard all about how “the government is a minister for good” (Rom 13:4). The idea essentially was that gay marriage is bad, the government should do good, so that means the government should ideally get rid of what’s bad.

Obviously, the quasi-Theonomists that put forward this idea think this is why everything they don’t like should be illegal:

-Drugs are bad, so the government should illegalize them.

-Gambling is bad, so the government should illegalize it.

-Prostitution is bad, so the government should illegalize it.

-Trans-fats are bad, so the government should illegalize them.

Can I say definitively every one of these things should be legal? No, I am not an expert on human behavior, so I really do not know if making one or another legal results in increased good behavior.

However, I can say two things that I am completely sure of.

First, none of the above were illegal in ancient Israel. For all this high minded talk that gay marriage should be illegal because we know that God explicitly forbade homosexual behavior, that is not true for the above four. Three of the four (except trans-fats) are mentioned as bad or sinful. However, none of them were made illegal even though it was illegal to work on the Sabbath, hit your parents, and have premarital sex with a woman who wasn’t a slave.

So, I find it extremely ironic that anyone who thinks that those who want to legalize drugs or prostitution are “unchristian,” when in fact they wouldn’t want any of the actual theocratic laws that are actually in the Bible.

Second, I heard a story today that absolutely made my heart break. I was in a NYPD station doing an inspection audit and he told me he lived in a Korean neighborhood. I have a friend that used to live in one, it was a quiet place, so I asked him if it was a safe neighborhood. He said no, there was a lot of crime.

I asked, what sort of crime? He said a lot of gambling and “slavery.” I asked, “You mean sweatshops?”

“No, prostitution. I was standing outside a place that had barbed wire in the back. It was so the sixteen year old girls couldn’t escape.”

This is apparently a pretty common occurrence in Queens, NY. The fact that practices such as these continue day by day are a travesty. Simply, making prostitution illegal does not get rid of it, but forces it underground. In Nevada, one study found that sex trafficking disappeared due to the legalization of the practice.

So, is prostitution a good thing? No. Neither is all the rampant, hedonistic drinking and one night stands that our nations bars and colleges support. But, is the solution to make it illegal? What are the effects on the lives of many girls and women?

For some Koreans in Queens, NY, it is a life of being raped and drugged until you are used up and disposed of. May God bring an end to the horrible practice of sex trafficking.