Ben Carson is running a maverick candidacy for President. Individual donors are fueling his campaign and he is toeing the standard social conservative line, which might catapult him to his party’s nomination.

In an interview with Glenn Beck he mentioned he wanted to “intensify” the War on Drugs.

I have noticed that whenever Christians don’t like something (prostitution, drugs, lower drinking age, gambling, gay marriage, and etcetera) they it want to be illegal. The ironic part is that with the exception of homosexuality, none of these things were illegal in ancient Israel. So, Christians inconsistently want to apply Biblical standards simply because they wrongly assume it is the government’s job to legislate morality. The more and more secular the government becomes in the coming years to our chagrin, the more Satanic the morality the government will impose.

All the meanwhile, Christians won’t be clamoring to get the government out of the morality business–they will just want Satan’s morality to be replaced with an inconsistent set of their own. AND, they will not succeed. History is clearly against Christians at this point.

Now, Christians not only misunderstand the role of government and are losing the war for the culture, they miss another really important point: Punishing someone for something is not always the most effective means of getting rid of it.

Let me repeat: Punishing someone for something is not always the most effective means of getting rid of it.

Sometimes, it pays to listen during your Western Humanities class. In Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, he writes concerning the escalating problem of theft as the result of the English policy of enclosure.

Stop yawning Christian and pay attention, this is important! Enclosure took peasants out of once was “common” land for everyone to share and just kicked them to the curb to fend for themselves. So, they went to the cities looking for work. The problem is they could not find it. Not surprisingly, theft went way up.

Now, the English were really concerned about what they should do about this epidemic of theft. How do you get rid of something really bad? Ask a Christian. Illegalize it! How do you make people listen to the law? Make the penalty really bad!

So, England gave theft the death penalty. Whoa! That’s real nasty, you would have to be nuts to steal something now.

Just imagine the look on Parliament’s face when they got the updated crime statistics. “Solved the ol’ theft problem, eh old boy?”

Nope! Theft stayed the same and now homicide was skyrocketing!

“Bloody Hell! How can this occur?!? Shouldn’t the death penalty scare them into not stealing? Rather, they have become emboldened and they are now murdering the people they were stealing from!”

Is it a mystery? Far from it. By giving theft the death penalty, the thieves now knew that whatever they do, they must not get caught at all costs! So, kill the witnesses. Sadly, if the choice is between starving to death for lack of bread or killing someone else and taking their bread, should it surprise us Christians that totally depraved people will choose the latter?

Now, let’s look again at Ben Carson. He wants to intensify the drug war. Well, has it worked in the past? No. Does it get at the root cause of why people take drugs anymore than the death penalty gets at the root cause why people commit theft? No. Does it have a correct, Biblical understanding of government or human nature? No…

So, why in tarnation do we think intensifying the drug war will accomplish anything?

Has getting rid of guns reduced crime? No.

Has spending more on education improved education? No.

Has bombing our enemies cowed them and made us safer? No.

Has illegalizing gambling, prostitution, and a whole score of things got rid of them? No!


Because we are not asking the right questions. What causes the crime? Why are kids getting worse at math? Why do people murder each other instead of just murdering people in their hearts like in Japan and Switzerland?

I am not trying to make the case that drugs, prostitution, or gambling should be legal. Rather, it is time that we as Christians dig a little bit under the surface and use our Bible to help us make laws. Why do people sin? Is there a way, Biblically, to get people to sin less? If the Bible does not talk about it, what actually works in decreasing the behavior? What does not work?

We need to be grown-ups and actually think about the ramifications of laws. Too often men like Ben Carson as well as many others think that takes too much effort. It’s bad? Illegalize it. People aren’t listening to the law? Get more aggressive in imposing the law and enforcing penalties. And round and round we go. Those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it.