Glenn Beck can’t turn over and die quick enough–or repent, but I really doubt that will happen. This false prophet, who claims that God killed Justice Antonin Scalia to hand Ted Cruz the Presidency, and equated the US Constitution with the “Scriptures” (presumably including the false Book of Mormon), now wants Christians to fast.

Fast for what? World peace? Repentance? The deliverance of oppressed Christians in majority Muslim countries? No. Fast for Ted Cruz to be President.

Now, a lot of people may take issue with the first sentence of this article. It is certainly a break with the tone of the usual subjects of this blog (the Book of Job, Church History, and Head Coverings). However, I strike such a serious tone on this issue because it is men like Beck, selling snake oil to other nominal and false brethren, that tarnish the name of our Lord.

Further, the longer such men continue in their errors, they drag others with them to Hell. So, I prefer their repentance or sudden disappearance from the planet. This is not saying much, as us Christians pray for the Lord to “come quickly,” which for all intents and purposes, brings about the same exact conclusion. Let’s call it like it is.

Nominal Christianity in this country is so obsessed with moralism (drugs, abortion, issues of sexuality), but so lacking in the Gospel of grace, it is probably the biggest impediment to the salvation of souls in our society. These men are just modern day Pharisees. Beck, who in the same blubbering speech about the Constitution said that God had helped him kick addiction said nothing about the Gospel. He felt it necessary to show of his impeccable moral credentials as proof of his sincerity and Godliness. But, his darkened heart is apparent for all to see when he speaks not of evangelizing Christ, but rather, evangelizing the Constitution.

Like all false prophets, Beck gave his list of supposed prophecies (September 11th, the housing crisis, and the coming “Caliphate.”) Ironically, we do not have any corroboration of this, so I am sure the Scripture would have had him stoned quite a few times now for his actual predictions that never came to pass. Yet, the goats follow him. And, not nearly enough Christians condemn his antics, Todd Friel not withstanding.

This whole episode says a lot of candidates, like Ted Cruz, who pander to Christians.  The fact men like Cruz will stand side by side with a false prophet that will speak of legalism and state-idolatry, shows that these men hate Christ. They seek power and nothing more. Such nonsense that will damn the man who puts his trust in princes and not the Lord.

I am not sure how many people will join Beck in fasting. I just hope all of them, including Beck, find that we do not do battle with worldly enemies. Our battle is a spiritual battle. Eternity is at stake. Our worst enemy is our own sin, not Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. Jesus Christ is our champion, who conquers and does away with sin, and gives His Holy Spirit to all those who trust Him for their deliverance.