ABC’s sitcom on the rise of King David just debuted. It is one of those things that I thought was always good from a strictly marketing standpoint. I kind of wished someone would make it. The Books of 1-2 Samuel and 1-2 Kings makes for some really good HBO drama material. There’s intrigue, sex, betrayal, more sex, more intrigue, did I say sex?

So herein lies the question: Can Christians handle a sitcom with a relatively accurate portrayal of events in the Bible when the subject material is so naughty? I am going to guess no. In fact, I am not sure I can handle it. It is one thing to read about sex in the Bible and know it exists, and watching David plowing his wife Michal in the trailer.

The last Christian show (or any show) that I watched was A.D.: The Bible Continues. It essentially was what I imagine Game of Thrones is about because I never watched it, without the sex. This David show appears to be the same thing, but cable-TV allowable sex (which is ironic, because I’m 31 years old and television used to not allow anything other than the D and A words, let alone graphic representations of sex.)

While ultimately this show may be of little value to the already converted, I think that it might be useful for the masses of unsaved. Why? The Old Testament is the more Earthly, typological source of revelation. It contains more of the gritty details of life, it has extended narratives that explain the human condition, and often does so conveying the underlying reality that our sin in this world separates us from God.

If the show even roughly has any semblance to the Biblical narrative (i.e. same characters rise up, die, marry, etcetera), the show on some level will convey some of the truths of the Old Testament. Sure, it does not suffice as a Gospel presentation, but if it makes people aware that they are sinful and the same is true of the Old Testament superheros, so much the better.

I cannot help but speculate that the unlearned think that the Old Testament is nothing more than morality tales and heroic people. Perhaps a down and dirty HBO-like drama that shows all of these characters as scum of the Earth would actually give them a much more theologically correct impression. And therein ends my sense of silver lining in all of this.

I might watch if I can easily avoid watching the sex. If I can’t I won’t bother watching it.