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Donations for the Orthodox Church in Cambodia

Are you interested in expanding Orthodox missionary efforts in Cambodia? Sure you are! If you want to know about some of their background, check out their Facebook here or watch an interview between myself and Father Paisie here.

(For donations more than $1.00 click here!)

As a brief synopsis, Cambodia presently has two temples, one in Sihanoukville (the town of my wife’s birth, but now a major Chinese tourist Mecca) and in the capital, Phnom Penh. There are two priests, Father Roman and Father Paisie.

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Father Roman

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Father Paisie

Feel free to reach out to both on Facebook, though be aware that Father Paisie has stronger English (and by strong, I mean he is completely fluent.)

At present, the Church in Cambodia is growing due to a major investment made by the Moscow Patriarchate to have permanent priests, translate the liturgies and catechetical works into Khmer, and building beautiful temples (if you have been to Cambodia, you will realize that no one takes a religion seriously where God is not honored aesthetically.) There is a sizeable Russian expat community that makes up the backbone of both of these churches.

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There are two ways within the Western world to donate to the Church in Cambodia.

  1. The easy way is to simply use Paypal. I am going to tell a story about this in a little bit.
  2. The more involved, but “way easier for me sort of way” is to follow the directions given on the Moscow Patriarchate’s website (it involves money transfers at your bank). Please, if you find it easy, and your bank allows you, do it this way, because it saves me leg work.

I have been writing articles for years and have never solicited donations. Thank God, my wife and I do not need them and materially speaking we have more than we need.

However, recently I upgraded my website to remove ads–but in so doing it allows for the taking of donations. At the same time, I have been asked about taking donations by more than one person. So, this gave me the idea to ask for donations for the Church in Cambodia.

Father Paisie, Father Roman, and I have struggled to find an easy way to send money to Cambodia from the Western world. Due to politics, sending money to a “Russian” church in a “communist country” is not very easy. My bank will not allow me, which means, I cannot be the only one who would run into problems following the Moscow Patriarchate’s directions. (It was an interesting conversation at the bank, to say the least.)

Father Roman found out that Paypal does not work in Russia and the website that Father Paisie knew of (think of a European Paypal) does not work here in the USA. This means, there was no easy way to get money from here to there directly.

Here’s what we have figured out. I will personally go to Western Union and send the money (via a debit card) to them, just like a casual remittance that immigrants send back to their home countries all the time. I have already done this (I am married to a Cambodian) and it works. 

Sadly for me, this means I will remain the middle-man until we figure out a solution which will get the money directly from you to the parishes in Cambodia. Every single penny you donate will be wired to Cambodia and thanks to an anonymous contributor, PayPal fees likewise will not be deducted. You can be assured that your whole contribution will be given to the work in Cambodia as you intend.

So, if you kindly decide to donate to the Church in Cambodia, I will do the legwork of sending the money to the Church in Cambodia directly on your behalf. This is not a 501(c)(3) and you do not get a tax break for this. In fact, when I receive your money I have to claim it on my taxes as income which means it will cost me money to send your donation! I will put up with the expense as long as I can afford it. If it were to get crazy and we were raking in thousands of dollars for the Church in Cambodia, I will make people aware of it and be transparent about what solutions we figure out after that fact. God willing we will get there, it’d be a good problem to have.

Because I hate monetary scams, please feel free to reach out to me directly or, more importantly, to the priests who know what is going on. It will be a real blessing to a growing church for the Khmer!

I can personally vouch for Father Roman and Father Paisie. They never reached out to me. I found Father Roman after translating the Russian site into English. In fact, I emailed him in both Russian and English, trying to figure out a way to support the Orthodox Church in Cambodia. He never asked me for money. The same is true of Father Paisie. In fact, this whole idea here is my own!

As of present, they are translating more evangelical works into Khmer and have had some hefty expenses repairing the church in Phnom Penh. So, they can put your donation to good use!

A ton of people take donations on Patreon or what not–and just stick it in their pockets for their own good. And, that’s fine. You can spend your money how you want and sending it to some guy to stick in his pocket is your prerogative. But, wouldn’t this be so much better?

To conclude, if anything here has been a blessing to you and you feel the conviction to bless someone else out of gratitude, please help support either Holy Trinity Monastery or this effort in support of the Church in Cambodia.

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Thank you for helping support bringing the Gospel to those who have not heard it!

Help Grow the Orthodox Church in Cambodia!

Has this article blessed you? Please bless the Moscow Patriarchate’s missionary efforts in Cambodia to bring the Gospel to a people who have not heard it!


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