Bob Jones University

Christian School Faulted for Halting Abuse Study

I am a little behind on the eight-ball here with this story, but if you read it, it is pretty much about either one of two things:

1. Bob Jones University covering up rape allegations. (They want you to believe this)

2. A mixture of campus rapes covered up and bad psychological counseling offered by those in the university for rapes that occurred before attending. (If that doesn’t stick, they want you to believe this…)

The article itself is essentially a screed against Christian counseling, implying that it always makes excuses for male sexual aggressors and oppresses women. The fact that the article mentions only one instance of sexual assault on campus in the 1990s, leads me to believe most of the “issue” has to do with counseling offered to rape victims for events that occurred before they attended the school.

If this is the case, I am unsure what the huge controversy is. I suppose the accusation is that the university’s counseling strategy was to always blame the victim?

The article is either borderline libelous or the university has for decades oppressed women and treated them like dirt. I look at this talk about rapists, bad counseling, bad reporting, lying, physical aggression, and sexual gray areas (i.e. when a man and woman are under the influence of alcohol, the man having sex with the woman technically committed “sexual assault” because alcohol was involved and consent therefore cannot be given), and all I can say is that mankind is indeed fallen. His nature is continually inclined towards evil. Those who say “man is basically good at heart” have much too high a view of man.