Through You alone we confess Your name. (Isaiah 26:13)

Some think that though we are saved by grace through faith that is not of our own, but the gift of God (Eph 2:8), that the grace is not of our own but not the faith. Sure, the fact that grace is by definition an act of forgiveness towards someone would imply that we already know it is not of our own, so that it is really the faith being spoken about. But, they ignore that…

Then we have Scripture that states that we cannot confess Christ is Lord except by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12:3) and that the “natural man cannot accept the things of the Spirit of God” (2 Cor 12:4). They will devise elaborate interpretations that God is speaking to people that are already mature and believe. When Christ is the “author and perfecter of our faith” (Heb 12:2) they will say that “faith” is not our own, but the faith at large.

When you point out that “there are none who seek God, none who understand” (Rom 3:11) they will say this applies only to atheists in Psalm 14. If you actually read the Psalm, it says that God is looking down on all the sons of men when observing that none of them do good, not even one.

They will devise excuses of any sort to deprive God of His majesty and elevate themselves, as if their own wisdom and prudence encouraged them to place their faith in Christ. Ultimately, God cannot save to the utmost, man must make the final decision, man is the master of his own destiny.

There is no work or wisdom of our own that saves us. Even our own faith, working itself out in love, cannot be degraded to a decision of our own. It is through God alone that we confess His name. When we confess Christ as Lord, we partake in a miracle as God works through us in our holy confession. To Him be majesty and glory, forever. Amen.