Think all that matter’s if if you’re a good person and all the religions have it right? Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense. The following is an excerpt of this feel-good postmodernism on steroids at a college campus. The debate is between Todd Friel, who is a Christian who understands there is a such thing as absolute truth and he is opposed by miseducated young men and women who think the belief in truth is judgmental.

Todd Friel: “I believe truth is either true or not. I think St. Paul is the best city in the world…”

Miseducated, underemployed kid: “It is arbitrary.”

Todd Friel: “St. Paul is the best city or it is not. There is nothing arbitrary about truth. What is seven times seven? It’s not 804. It is either true or not. Maybe this is strange to your ears, because you are a product of your environment just as I am, I agree. But one of has has it right or wrong.”

Miseducated, underemployed kid: “That’s also arbitrary!”

Todd Friel: “Is that statement arbitrary?”

Miseducated, underemployed kid: “Heck yeah!”

Todd Friel: “Then why would I accept your arbitrary statement if it means nothing? We don’t live that way and you’re not. Why are you even going to college?”

Miseducated, underemployed kid #2: “Why are you here? Why are you here? (Flails arms)”

Todd Friel: “To proclaim to you the truth.”

Miseducated, underemployed kid #2: “No, I am going to school to get an education that is ‘the truth.'”

Todd Friel: “Is that statement true?”

Miseducated, underemployed kid #2: “Yeah, that’s true.”

Todd Friel: “Wait a second, I thought there was no truth.”

Kid at microphone: “Empirical evidence is [the truth].”

Todd Friel: “You think your worldview is right, correct?”

Miseducated, underemployed kid #2: “What I believe might be okay for me.”

Todd Friel: “Sir, answer this question for me. I believe when I die that if I am singing a Miley Cyrus song I will spend an eternity living in Nashville Tennessee in a mansion with Billy Ray Cyrus and all of our servants will have mullets from the 80s.”

Kids: “That’s pretty sweet. That’s pretty good man.”

Todd Friel: “Am I wrong?”

Miseducated, underemployed kid #2: “Said by who, who would tell you you’re wrong? [Starts cursing]”

Todd Friel: “Am I going to be in Nashville Tennessee or am I not?”

Miseducated, underemployed kid #2: “Do what you want man [walks away angrily].”

Do people ever take a good, hard look at their post-modernism? Now, post-modernism is not wrong on the face of it, because if we live in a material universe and men don’t really have souls given to them by a Creator, then there is no such thing as morality, truth, beauty, or anything subjective to any extent. They are all illusions created by neurons firing off in human minds that evoluted ultimately from mud.

However, men are without excuse because they know post-modernism is false. They know it is wrong if someone would arbitrarily kill, rape, or rob them.

My suspicion is that there is a morality at work within their really inconsistent post-modernism. When these young people deny the fact that there is both objective truth and falsehood, what they are really trying to do is merely reject what they view as “intolerance.”

You see, accepting everyone’s view as legit is a real shallow way of putting oneself in line with men that in reality had almost nothing in common: Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Gahndi, Martin Luther King Jr, and the like. People don’t like the idea that only one of these men, the Word made flesh, is totally right or that another can be totally wrong. So, what you get is a mish-mash of “there’s a little truth in everything.”

In practice, this “everyone is right” doesn’t work. For example, how can Islam and Christianity “both have it right” when they teach totally different things? A less astute observer would say, “Well, as long as you’re a good person, that’s all that matters and they both teach that.”

But, they both don’t teach that. Christianity teaches that no matter what you are a bad person and no one is good, but God alone. The way to God isn’t a million different ways, it is through Jesus Christ. I’m not being judgmental or intolerant. I am stating my view. If you think my view is wrong, then obviously not everyone could have it right. This is not an “arbitrary” statement.