My heart just overflows with joy that God has had compassion on our mean estate, that while we were enemies of Him, He made a means of salvation for us. We can sense it, we know there is a right and wrong. We know that God made everything and we violate His law, even if it is merely our conscience that testifies against us.

Violating our conscience and deliberately breaking His Law, we deserve punishment, but He has laid it squarely upon the shoulders of His Son, Jesus Christ, true God of true God. And Christ not only paid the penalty, but He has risen this day so that we may not only be at peace with God but have life in Him.

Apart from union with Christ, dying with Him to our sin and resurrecting with Him to eternal life, there is no salvation.

Such Amazing Love, that He not only died for us but He has resurrected and given us true life in Him. Praise the Lord!