One of my co-workers drove past this doozy of a church today:

A really disturbing church...
A really disturbing church…

A- Some homosexual totem pole thingy?

B- The Pastor’s redneck parsonage?

C- The church appears to only do baptisms, weddings, and funerals…and it’s the first one. God forbid there being two!

D- Creepy on-site cage…perhaps for capturing onlookers and doing unspeakable things to them?

E- Insensitive pro-homosexuality message.

Anti-gay (or pro?) gay church sign up close.
Anti-gay (or pro?) gay church sign up close.

If one googles “Church of the Little Green Man,” one finds out that this is a fourth grade art project gone horribly wrong.

When we give up on objective standards in evaluating art because we do not believe in there being objective truths, then we get both really bad art (lack of standards) and really bad churches (lack of objective truths.) Post-modernism is a disease infecting society so much that my colleague really thought it was a real church. Would anyone make this mistake 50 years ago?

This modern art piece of rash was confused as a church.
This modern art piece of trash was confused as a church.

It is a very sad reflection upon how far American churches have fallen. Between the cage, the “God loves fags” sign, and the abandoned children’s bicycles, my colleague (who has worked in the South Bronx) was actually afraid: “I’ve walked into a lot of scary places in the Bronx, but even though the church’s door was opened I wouldn’t dare walk in.”

I suppose all are welcome…but, no one wants to end up in the cage or the trailer and never be heard from again…