One morning at 6:45am Ray Comfort was trying to pass out DVDs of Evolution Vs. God at a local high school.

To sum up the whole movie, Ray Comfort asks even University-trained scientists to find one empirically proven case of macro-evolution. We have demonstrable cases of natural selection and other cases of micro-evolution. For example, anti-bacterial soap kills all the weak bacteria and leaves us soap-resistant bacteria. So, a new creature isn’t really made, but a better one is naturally selected to continue to survive.

However, if all that existed was natural selection, eventually there would be no creatures left because all the weak ones would die out.

Macro-evolution states that through mutations, a single organism can over time and through natural processes become a plethora of new organisms. Throughout Evolution vs. God, Comfort asks for a single empirical example of this kind of evolution. Of course, it does not exist. We have never witnessed a new creature given rise to through natural evolutionary processes (though by using radiation we have made weak mutant bacteria and such.)

Comfort did not have his A game when he was confronted by a young man trying to take him to task on Creationism:

Comfort tries to get the conversation around back to macro-evolution a couple of times, but fails to do so…perhaps because of lack of coffee. The young man named “King Crockoduck” seemed to daze Comfort with big fancy words, but never really proved his point that evolution can be empirically proven.

Crockoduck tried to say there was scientific proof because of Phylogeny (the close genetic similarities between organisms that supposedly evolved from one another.) He says that because DNA can prove who we are related to, that the close genetic resemblance of creatures with similar morphology (appearance) proves that somehow one creature’s progeny had a flash change in DNA to become the similar one.

Again, it is really obvious that this does not prove Macro-Evolution, because the flash change in DNA has never been observed. Therefore, to presume Phylogeny proves evolution via naturalistic processes requires the presupposition that the flash change in DNA has ever happened, though no one has even seen it. This is equivalent to believing that there is a flying spaghetti monster, even though no one has ever seen one. Neither would merit serious consideration.

We see all of this come to a head @ 13:20 of the video:

King Crockoduck asks why Phylogeny exists if there is no evolution.

Comfort: It is because God made them like that.

“King Crockoduck”: Well, why would God want to lie to us?…Why would He create the world in a manner that looks exactly like everything evolved?

Comfort: It does not.

“King Crockoduck”: But, but, but, it just does!

And there’s your big, scientific defense of evolution. “It just does” even though no one has ever seen it.