Ever wonder why people think long hair constitutes a proper head covering? A cursory reading of 1 Cor 11 shows us that having a head uncoveredis even all one as if she were shaven.”  Being that Paul can even make the comparison shows that having an uncovered head and being bald are two mutually exclusive things. Therefore, having long hair and having a covering likewise are two different things.

So, without going into bad historical arguments that proponents of “the long hair as the covering” people will get into, we can see on textual grounds that the traditional interpretation concerning head coverings is correct. Because the whole issue is so simple, it appears to me the only real reason people do not follow the Biblical custom of head covering is simply out of rebellion against God.

As evidence of this, my witnesses are all of the proponents of “long hair is the covering.” How are they my witnesses you may ask? Simply quiz them: can a woman go to church with short hair if she wants to?

“Sure,” they say, “That’s a Christian freedom.” 

Can you use beer and grape soda for the Lord’s Supper?

“Well, no, it says use bread and wine.”

Can we give up on baptism?

“No, the apostles baptized.”

Then, can we give up on head covering?

“Well, we are head covering, you just have it all wrong, long hair is the covering.”

But, you just said a woman did not need long hair, so you are actually not intent on following head covering at all.

“Well, it’s a cultural thing…”



As we can see, the fact that the proponents of dumping head covering don’t actually believe in enforcing long hair is proof that none of them really believe long hair is the covering. So, they have no choice but to change their reasoning to either “historical context” or accusations of legalism.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think not fornicating, partaking in the Lord’s Supper, or doing anything else the Bible tells me to do is legalism. Doing these things in order to merit my salvation is legalism, not the things themselves. This is simple and important. If we cannot discern the difference between legalism and obedience, on what consistent basis can we follow anything the Bible says is right?

Obviously, there would be no consistent basis. This is why we know that the opponents of head covering are wrong.

Note: This article was written before my conversion to Orthodoxy.