I’m becoming disinterested in politics. Very disinterested. It appears that the total depravity of man has a mutual effect on the grossly selfish and immoral leaders that run for office and rule the world, and the selfish and immoral people that vote for and follow them.

I am going to cover a few different topics in no particular order. First…

1. The Pope Visits America!

So the Pope comes to America. He isn’t peddling Catholicism or his view of the Christian religion, but rather political goals. Among them are opening the floodgates of immigration into the US, bringing in Syrian refugees, and not using air conditioning. To sum up his speech in congress, he essentially said the US has plenty of money and therefore they are morally obligated to share the wealth.

For example, he took aim against the issue of homelessness. “We can find no social or moral justification, no justification whatsoever, for lack of housing,” says Pope Francis. This is a sort of strange admonishment in a country which if you work an honest job or at least are sane enough to cash your government section 8 housing check, you will have a roof over your head.

Now, should Christians share the wealth? Of course. “But whoever has the world’s goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him” (1 John 3;17)?

Does that mean Christians should request that their government, which levies taxes under thread of arrest and imprisonment if they are not paid, to make sure everyone loves his brother in need? Of course not. Compulsory love isn’t love at all!

This is why the Scripture says:

[I]f anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either. For we hear that some among you are leading an undisciplined life, doing no work at all, but acting like busybodies. Now such persons we command and exhort in the Lord Jesus Christ to work in quiet fashion and eat their own bread (2 Thes 3:10-12).

A Christian is not morally obligated to admonish unbelievers to give and give hard. However, a Christian IS morally obligated to tell those that through undisciplined living don’t have bread of their own and solely rely upon the generosity of others to get a job!

Why is this important tenet of the Christian faith absent from the Pope’s speech? Well, because it does not work with Marxist ideology, which uses the state to redistribute wealth whether or not you want to go with the program…

It is time that Christians do two things: 1. Stop spending money on their own pleasures and live a radical life of self-sacrifice and love. 2. Stop trying to compel others to lift the weight, because they would rather spend their money on their own pleasures.

While they’re at it, telling a few lazy 20 somethings and able-bodied people that abuse the system to go out there and get a job helps a whole lot too.

2. Donald Trump Doesn’t Know His Bible.

It blows my mind that there are Christians out there that would even begin entertaining the possibility of voting for Donald Trump. Why? The man admits publicly to paying off politicians to give him “favors,” he has reversed himself on nearly every social issue there is coincidentally in the last four years, he is a notable liar, and he paid off judges to take the land for private owners to build a parking lot for limos.

Recently, Donald Trump was asked what his favorite verse was in his supposedly favorite book (the Bible). It WASN’T, “You shall not move your neighbor’s boundary mark, which the ancestors have set, in your inheritance which you will inherit in the land that the LORD your God gives you to possess” (Deut 19:14). Rather, it was the made-up Proverb, “Never bend to envy.”

Just listen to The Donald try to explain himself:

Now, if you find yourself saying, “But, he is the lesser of two evils, he has a chance to win,” you need to read the following…

3. Christians With the Ability to Vote Need to Get Their Act Together.

I am absolutely nauseated with how immoral the voters are. NOT the politicians. I don’t expect much from politicians. At least they lie and pretend they are good people, doing moral things.

Unlike politicians, the average voter flat out admits he doesn’t always do what he thinks is right. Here’s a conversation that I had with a Christian on Facebook that didn’t like Ted Cruz’s bromance with the Pope:

Ed Wilcox Undermined his own candidacy with just one post.

Craig Truglia Since when do we look for politicians for religious guidance. They pander and lie for a living, FYI.

Ed Wilcox Always, because the[y] should be upstanding members in the body of Christ.

Ed Wilcox The fact that they are not disqualifies them as political leaders.

Craig Truglia Let me know when you find one! Even the candidate I like (Rand Paul), who has done all sorts of nice things for people, really does not seem to really know Christ. If you know Jesus, you cannot help but speak His name…those sorts of people tend not to be elected to public office.

Ed Wilcox Huckabee is the closest one.

Craig Truglia I cannot comment on his religious beliefs, because I don’t know him, but if that’s your only criteria for who you vote for I would recommend looking into what he has preached and into his personal life, whatever is publicly available.

Ed Wilcox Unfortunately it always comes to the lesser of two evils… dem vs rep.

Craig Truglia Well, we’re in a Repub primary, so that does not control our voting. Nonetheless, even in general elections, I vote third party. I refused to be yoked to someone wicked, even if she/she is supposedly “less wicked.”

Ed Wilcox That is an option, but it only goes to no avail. I don’t see a third party winning an election in the near future.

Craig Truglia It’s not about winning all the time, it’s about not being a party in evil.

Ed Wilcox By that standard no one is qualified. No one is good. We are all evil.

Ed Wilcox I withdraw my earlier Huckabee statement. I just listened to the Pulpit and Pen podcast.

Craig Truglia Well, you brought up the standards, because you said not being a Christian disqualifies a politician. So, I think Christians should vote for the most Christian (i.e. moral by Christian standards) candidate, being that we cannot actually see the heart of the politician. So, when a politician is an obvious liar or thief, yes that disqualifies them even if they are the lesser of two evils.

Ed Wilcox It’s a no win situation.

Listen to the average voter. They speak like Machiavelli for Pete’s Sake. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” “it’s the lesser of two evils,” “the end justifies the means,” “kill them before they kill us!,” etcetera. Perhaps Ed Wilcox has come around, but he isn’t the only one.

Just ask yourself, honestly. Would you want your neighbor, wife, kids, or friends talking that way about anything other than politics? No! Why? Because a person who speaks and thinks that way sounds very cold, immoral, and selfish.

Now, being that mostly everyone who is ever born is going to hell because they sin against God, none of the above sentiment surprises me. However, if you claim to believe in Christ, you should know that you are sealed with the Holy Spirit. And, if you are sealed with the Spirit, you set your mind upon things of the Spirit. “[I]f you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live” (Rom 8:13).

Ed Wilcox is a Christian, but a Christian who thinks Christianity ends when he sets his mind upon politics. THis is very common among Christians.

However, Christians ought not to be sounding like fallen humanity, acting like fallen humanity, or even thinking like fallen humanity. Why? Not because they are any better, but because they have the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is a real, tangible advantage that result in real righteousness in the life of the believer.

For this reason, if in the voting booth you suddenly find yourself thinking, “Well, I’d rather have Stalin than Hitler, so I’m going to Vote Stalin because Churchill has no chance of winning,” let me ask you: do your morals mean nothing? Is winning everything? Will you be accessory to Stalin by voting him in, because he isn’t as bad as Hitler?

For crying out loud, you can write in names! There are third parties! There are primaries! You should never, EVER find yourself picking the lesser of two evils. If you do, you need to seriously evaluate whether you are blatantly in sin and don’t even care.

We need to remind ourselves, “to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin” (James 4:17). Don’t be an accessory to evil by voting for it.

4. The Complete Hypocrisy of the Christian Voter.

Dear Christian voter, which candidate was the following originally written about?

The candidate was tough on ISIS and was proactive with bombing Libya and Syria. It promotes stability in the region and props up Israel, our most valuable ally. It serves to increase the long term security of the United States and gives people in Syria and Libya better lives. Wouldn’t Jesus want that?

Mike Huckabee?

Marco Rubio?

Would the statement give you a more favorable opinion of either the two above candidates for President?

Well, guess what–The above statement was written about Hillary Clinton, who as Secretary of State was pivotal in the US’s support for Muslim fundamentalists in overthrowing Libya and the attempted overthrow of Assad in Syria. She’s as tough on ISIS as you can get.

Do you start getting a sick feeling in your stomach, thinking that you might like Hillary now? Or, do you find yourself opposing the reckless support of resistance groups in Libya and Syria?

I cannot answer the above questions, but I can say this: if either the above are true, you’re a hypocrite. Just because the policy is supported by Hillary Clinton it does not magically become more immoral. On the flip side of the coin, just because a Republican supports a policy neither does it become more moral.

The policy has to be evaluated on its own merits.

Conclusion. As Christians, we need to see our political involvement as just another facet of our lives that honors God and brings him glory. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself supporting policies or people that contradict the Scripture then you need to seriously question whether you fail to do good when it is in your power to do so. Sometimes, the best thing to do is do fold your arms and do nothing. It’s better than partaking in the madness that is destroying this world.


Just as a side note, Carly Fiorina used to make big contributions to pro-abortion Democrats. I hope I didn’t surprise too many people with this bombshell!