Tychonius is an interestng character I was introduced to when I read Frend’s “The Donatist Church” (https://orthodoxchristiantheology.com/2015/12/11/reflections-on-the-donatist-church-by-william-hugh-clifford-frend/). Shameless Orthodoxy has published a more in depth article on his allegorical interpretation of the Scriptures, which though he was a heretic was employed by western Christians throughout the Middle Ages.

Shameless Orthodoxy

One of the most underappreciated Latin theologians and Church Fathers today is Tychonius of Africa, who lived during the late fourth century AD. This fact is surprising considering the that Tychonius’ two works, The Book of Rules (Liber regularum) and Exposition on the Apocalypse (Expositio Apocalypseos), which has recently been reconstructed from surviving fragments, wielded an enormous influence on Latin biblical commentary for the rest of the millennium, especially with regards to exegeses on Revelations. His importance cannot be underestimated, for it was due entirely to Tychonius that the Latin West accepted the Book of Revelation as canonical much sooner than the Greek East in the post-Nicene era (Gryson, 7). Although he himself was Donatist heretic, Tychonius was an oddball who disputed his fellow Donatists’ assertion that the Church was only located in Donatist Church of North Africa. For his maverick-like positions, Tychonius was excommunicated by his fellow Donatists. Yet…

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