As a catechumen in the Orthodox Church, I have continued to learn and better understand what is called “Sacred Tradition.” The more time that goes by, the more I feel that the Orthodox view of “Sacred Tradition” best presents what is the Christian epistemological paradigm.

While I believe the epistemological debate between Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy is more of a real contest, with hindsight I can see that Protestantism is an epistemological mess. We have authoritative traditions, but we do not call it tradition. We cherrypick tradition and Scriptures, and acting as our own Popes we cannot conceive of any other possible interpretation.

So, when Todd Friel made a video against Orthodoxy, I could not help make a response that dwells upon epistemology. In the response, I also give standard Orthodox apologetics to sola fide, sola scriptura, prayers to the dead, and etcetera. It rolled off my tongue simply because I have been writing a book on the topic. I do not know if it will turn out good, so I would appreciate your prayers.

In the meantime, here is my response to Todd Friel: