This video answers a question posed to me: “How is justification and salvation taught in the Orthodox Church? Do you need to reach a perfect holiness (i.e. the saints) to be saved?” I am an Orthodox catechumen, so my answer may not be perfect. Also, my responses are not prepared. If you think clarifications are necessary, please comment.


P.S. The following video is about myself. I was asked to shoot these by an Orthodox inquirer:

-What was your protestant denomination before you became orthodox?

-Were you with them for a long time?

-You seem to have a good knowledge of the bible and church history; have you study in a bible school or you learn everything on your own?

-How do you get started on your journey to the orthodox church?

And what finally convince you to join with them and leave the protestant?

-Have you deny completely your old protestant friends or if you still have some kind of fellowship with them?