For those tired of the “softball” discussions offered by Catholic Answers, Ancient Faith, or James White’s Dividing Line on Sola Scriptura and the material sufficiency of Scriptures, I recommend this “big league” discussion that was just held by the Reason and Theology Show.

Guests included yours truly, William Albrecht (a noted Roman Catholic apologist and debater), and Turrentinfan (a contributor to Alpha and Omega Ministries and a Reformed Protestant apologist). The discussion is very high level, not focusing on the typical apologetics dwelling upon wooden and unyielding interpretations on 2 Tim 3:16 and 2 Thes 2:15. I really think, whether one is Protestant, Orthodox, or Roman Catholic, that the topic of Scripture and religious authority will be seen in a whole new light.

In short, the conclusion all parties share is the Scriptures are materially sufficient, meaning they contain all that the faithful need to be saved. All parties also agree that the Church is the rightful and necessary interpreter of the Scriptures. It is on how strict we are in applying the latter where the parties differ.

I ask my readers here to get this video out there. It is so important to dialogue and for the Biblical literacy of all our communions.