Allow me to express gratitude to our donors! Thanks to donations big and small, we raised a total of $97 for the Orthodox churches in Cambodia. This money has already been received by Father Paisie and we have been praying for the donors to this effort by name.

didache khmer

The big update is that the Didache is being translated into Khmer! This is one of my all-time favorite early church writings so I am super psyched about this. Hopefully, my wife gets around to translating 1 Clement one of these days…though we may need to abandon this project and ask the in-house Khmer translator to do it.

I will make a practice of not naming donors individually, which is terrible business (all Patreon efforts and such name their donors). Why? I want no one to lose any additional heavenly reward they may reap. If they ask for it, sure, I’ll name you!

Feel free to reach out to Father Paisie and Father Roman on Facebook at any time to follow up on the financial situation, any needs the church may have, and how everyone is faring.

Thanks for your support!

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