In this video I review Saint Gregory of Nyssa’s soteriology, how his categories of thought pre-date Saint Maximus the Confessor, why his view of apokatastasis is so logically compelling, and how Gregory’s understanding of human free will is (perhaps) deficient. I also cover soteriological mysteries pertaining to how prayers for the dead are efficacious when people cannot repent after death.

Soon (God willing) I will be have several articles on Saint Gregory of Nyssa, but I want to take more time to continue reading him. I am starting to suspect, as I mention in the video, a simple and straightforward answer pertaining to what exactly his eschatology was may forever elude all thinkers on the subject. However, I want to continue digging and giving this more careful thought.

Furthermore, as I go, I hope to cover other topics of his other than universalism and his anthropology (which is super-important, by the way). Pray for me during this endeavor as it is extremely important. Saint Gregory of Nyssa is ultimately a figure who is misapprehended by heretics and I fear this prevents people from really appreciating the full range of his teachings. We need to appreciate these teachings as there is good reason why he is canonized and venerated.

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