In the month of September we have raised $111 for the Orthodox Church in Cambodia!

There is no major news yet. Personally, I am mulling returning to Cambodia when the Covid thing is over and would definitely appreciate prayer. Hopefully, I will be doing more productive things than hijinx in the Angor Wat, as pictured. It would be great to take up Father Paisie on his invitation to come visit.

I will keep everyone updated with how things progress with the new parish in Siem Reap. PLEASE pray! So much prayer is needed right now for the growth of the Church, especially the parishes in Southeast Asia.

We may also have a new way of donating as Father Paisie is exploring different options.

Please become part of the growth of Orthodox Christianity in Cambodia!

Help Grow the Orthodox Church in Cambodia!

Has this article blessed you? Please bless the Moscow Patriarchate’s missionary efforts in Cambodia to bring the Gospel to a people who have not heard it!

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