This is perhaps the one most comprehesive article on the topic pertaining to whether universalism is a tenable position if one is Orthodox. It is irenic and extremely fair. If one actually reads it and calls into question the traditional position, then they can just as easily discard any other essential doctrine of the Church. May we have the humility to submit to Christ’s teachings, especially the ones we do not like.

Ancient Insights

This is an article that I’ve been meaning to write for some time now, and the reason I’m choosing to do it now is really this: I think most defenses of “anti-universalism” coming out of Orthodox circles are incredibly weak and also uncharitable to our brothers and sisters who do support belief in universalism. This post is not so much an attempt to “prove” myself correct in this dispute, though I certainly do hope to do that, but rather my main intention here is to articulate why I personally am no longer a universalist (having been one for quite some time), why I cannot in good conscience be one, and why I don’t think it’s possible for any Orthodox Christian, who takes the Church’s guidance by the Holy Spirit seriously, to be one either. This post is not in any way intended to be mean-spirited or polemical, in fact this…

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