Ancient Insights is at it…yet again. I believe this is a really good treatment on the issue of usury and the consistent Christian teaching on the matter. I just want to point readers if they would like another treatment, I’d recommend Mahoney’s “The Teaching of the Fathers on Usury.” I prefer the presentation given by Codex Justinaneus simply because he lays out a Scriptural argument which is very compelling. We must always be searching the Scriptures.

Ancient Insights

In this article, I want to offer my thoughts on the topic of usury. The reason this is such a pressing issue is because there’s no shortage of secular and liberal Christians who love to go around claiming that, because “the Church has changed its moral view on usury,” this therefore means that she can change her views on other moral issues such as homosexuality, contraception, and so on. Thus, in this article I’m going to attempt to explain what usury is, and how the Orthodox Church’s view of it has in fact never changed. So, let’s begin.

The first place we need to turn to when understanding what usury is, and what about it makes it a sin, is the Holy Bible. One of the clearest explanations of usury comes from the Law of Moses:

If you lend money to my people that are poor among you

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